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Agriculture and Bell Performance: A Six Decade-Long Partnership

“Tractor maintenance costs kept low with X-tra Lube Grease... Every year I would have to put five or six bearings in my John Deere disc. These bearings are not cheap and are a big expense for a year for one piece of equipment. After using X-tra Lube Grease on the disc we have not put one new bearing in the disc for almost three years. This grease more than pays for itself. "

-Farmer, Kansas

ethanol farm equipmentFarming operations invest more capital than ever before in both their equipment and the fuel that runs the machines.

Farmers across the nation in the 1940s and 1950s trusted Bell Performance to stretch their budgets with Bell’s revolutionary gasoline treatment Mix-I-Go.

As more agricultural operations switched to diesel in the 50s and 60s, Bell Performance was there with Dee-Zol multi-purpose treatment for diesel fuel, that cleaned diesel engines, stretched fuel budgets and extended farm equipment life.

The times have changed but the farmers and growers today still have their own set of problems.

Refueling - An Expensive Proposition

Diesel and gasoline prices are higher than they used to be, which amplifies the importance of protecting the fuel quality when it is required to be stored so that the investment isn't lost.

Diesel Fuel Storage For Agriculture

It's well known that the storage of diesel fuel presents potential hazards to its valuable fuel quality.

Diesel fuel attracts condensation in the hot, humid summer, which hastens diesel fuel breakdown. Any storage tank with water will have microbes multiplying. One bacterium can multiply to over 250,000 in just 8 hours. The nasty sludge and slime from infected fuel will gum filters and cause tank corrosion.

It’s Not Just Gasoline Anymore, It’s Ethanol

The agricultural sector uses more gasoline fuel than other industry segments. Farming and harvesting equipment built to run on gasoline now finds itself trying to run on 10% and 15% ethanol blends. These spell bad financial news for the already-strapped farming fuel budget.

As the switch-over (from gasoline to gasoline-ethanol blend) approached, industry professionals repeatedly warned about costs and damage that ethanol blends would bring to agriculture. These warnings are now reality:

• Less mileage
• Damage to equipment
• Water attraction leading to ethanol separation, destroying the valuable fuel quality of the gasoline left behind

Bell Answers The Call For Any Type of Agricultural Fuel

Bell Performance has always answered the call of the problem-plagued farm, and Bell still serves the farmers and citrus growers of today with industrial-grade fuel treatments that save and protect tight fuel budgets.

Agriculture Needs Industrial-Grade Solutions

Bell Performance’s industrial-grade fuel treatments stand the test of time for quality, effectiveness and value. Fifty-plus years of satisfied customers and the experiences of farmers, growers and workers across the range of US agriculture testify to the superior effectiveness and value that Bell Performance agricultural fuel treatments bring to the table for hard-working farmers and growers.

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