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ClearKill Biocide For Diesel Fuels

Now available in four states - Florida, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina - Bell's newest biocide formulation. Highly effective, lasting antimicrobial protection for fuels and industrial liquids. Sulfur-free. Kills microbes in fuels and protects against corrosion in fuel systems.

ClearKill is highly effective at knocking out and controlling microbial growth (bacteria, molds, yeasts, and algae) in fuels, fuel systems, and industrial liquids. It’s especially good against problematic sulfate-reducing bacteria.

ClearKill’s antimicrobial chemistry is widely used in Europe and is approved for use by entities like NATO, Mercedes Benz, Shell, DAF Netherlands, Deutz Ag, and the Swiss Army. Now, it’s available here in the United States. 

ClearKill Biocide Product Overview

In addition to being highly effective against microbes, the ClearKill biocide offers other valuable benefits.

ClearKill contains no sulfur

This makes ClearKill especially useful for use in low-turn and stored fuels where sulfur regulations are a concern (like hospitals and healthcare installations which may be penalized by JAACO for excessive fuel sulfur levels).  ClearKill provides lasting protection against microbial material degradation while adding 0 additional sulfur to sulfur-sensitive fuel situations.

ClearKill is fully soluble in both fuel and water

To effectively treat microbial contamination in fuel and fuel systems, a biocide must work in both fuel (petroleum) and water, which means it must be both soluble in both and it must “partition” into (move between) both the fuel and water phases.  Not all biocides are able to do this and some even become deactivated in contact with water. ClearKill is soluble in both fuel and water phases, meaning you can count on it working to wipe out microbial contamination where you need it.

ClearKill works well for cold weather biocide treatment

Some think microbes are only a problem in warmer weather. Yet, microbes cause problems and serious damage even in the coldest, arctic conditions. Not all biocides are easy to use in these conditions. ClearKill contains negligible water, has low viscosity, and a very low pour point (-39 deg C). And ClearKill is active at killing microbes even at these low temperatures.  These make ClearKill an ideal choice for microbial control in the coldest conditions.

ClearKill provides anti-corrosion protection   

The ClearKill chemistry not only kills microbial contamination, but it also provides anti-corrosion protection for fuel system surfaces. This is an added benefit that meets the EPA’s recommendation for using anti-corrosion treatments to help protect against microbial-induced corrosion.

Product Chemistry

Active Ingredients

3,3’-Methylenebis[5-methyloxazolidine] ............. 99.09%

Inert Ingredients ………………………..………….. 0.91%

Total …………………………………………………...100%

ClearKill Biocide Treat Rates

ClearKill is recommended for use at 50 ppm - 1000 ppm v/v (by volume) depending on type of usage or level of contamination.

Type of Usage

Recommended Dosage - PPM

Recommended Dosage - Large Containers

Recommended Dosage - Small Containers

Preventative/ Prophylactic Treatment

50 - 200 ppm

7 to 26 oz per 1000 gal

0.05 - 0.20L per 1000 L

1:5000 - 1:20000

1 to 3 oz per 100 gal

Decontamination of Contaminated Diesel Fuel 

200 - 500 ppm

26 to 64 oz per 1000 gal

0.20 - 0.50 L per 1000 L

1:2000 to 1:5000

3 to 6 oz per 100 gal

Shock Dosing for Heavily Contaminated Systems

500 - 1000 ppm

64 oz to 1 gal per 1000 gal

0.5 L - 1 L per 1000 L

1:1000 to 1:2000

6 to 13 oz per 100 gal

All microbial contamination situations are a little bit different, so the right biocide treat rate for you may depend on the type of usage and the level of contamination in your system. Light contamination or preventative treatment may require a lower biocide treat rate than a heavy contamination situation would.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About ClearKill

How do I apply ClearKill to ensure maximum effectiveness?

The key to performance for any biocide is good distribution in the fuel, whether by mixing or by adding during tank filling. In cases when ClearKill is being used to remediate heavy microbial fouling, cleaning of the tank prior to addition of ClearKill may give the best results.

When treating partially filled systems prior to addition of new fuel for mixing, treat for the entire final volume of fuel to be present.

When using ClearKill to decontaminate fuel and fuel-system walls, it is recommended that ClearKill remains in contact with system surfaces for a minimum of four hours.

As with any biocide, always read the label and product information for best and safest use.

What is the shelf life of ClearKill? 

When stored as recommended, ClearKill has a product shelf-life of up to 36 months.

How Is ClearKill Shipped? 

ClearKill is classified as UN2735, Class 8, PG III. All ClearKill shipments are packaged to fully meet all applicable state and federal requirements for shipment. 

What Are The Storage Recommendations For ClearKill?

For best storage life, store ClearKill at room temperature in the original container. It is recommended to protect it from heat and direct sunlight in storage.

Is ClearKill EPA-Registered?

ClearKill meets all state and federal regulatory requirements for use as a biocide and fuel additive. ClearKill’s federally-required EPA Registration and Establishment numbers may be found on the product label.

Available Product Sizes

ClearKill is available in a wide range of volume product sizes to fit your needs large or small - 16 oz, 32 oz, 55 gallons and 265 gallons.

Availability By State Registration

ClearKill is currently registered for sale and use in four states - Florida, Georgia, Texas, and South Carolina. Availability by state will continue to increase and this information will be updated as the number of approved states increases.

ClearKill Ordering Information 

For pricing information, or to order ClearKill biocide for diesel fuel, contact your Bell Performance sales representative. You can also call the Bell Performance Sales Office at 407-831-5021 to place your order.


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