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Make Your Marine Gasoline & Ethanol The Best It Can Be - Treat it with Marine MXO

Ethanol blends have low emissions and high octane values.  Their disadvantages include lower fuel economy, water attraction from the environment (which is especially bad in the marine environment) and damaging effects on rubber and plastic parts in the engine and fuel system.

Bell Performance introduced Marine MXO in 2008 to provide the benefits of Mix-I-Go but for boaters and watercraft users (consumers had been using Mix-I-Go in their cars since the 1970s to fight ethanol damage). Marine MXO treatment for gasoline and ethanol-blends provides multi-function treatment and protection to improve the quality and performance of marine fuels and reduce or eliminate the fuel-related problems most commonly seen in marine applications that use gasoline and ethanol blends.

Marine MXO is great for boats and water craft because its benefits specifically target the biggest problems these users have:

  • Disperses and controls water buildup without alcohol (to prevent phase separationof ethanol blends and potential engine damage)
  • Stabilizes ethanol blends
  • Provides extra injector deposit control (to fight deposits left behind by ethanol solvency)
  • Improves fuel combustion and power
  • Adds lubrication and protection for fuel systems and top cylinder areas (protecting engines and fuel systems against ethanol’s damaging effects on rubber and plastic parts)

Marine MXO’s concentrated formula treats 8 gallons of fuel with just one ounce of product.

Like all Bell Performance products, Marine MXO is formulated to solve problems and put money back in your pocket.  Protect your expensive boat and watercraft and get more out of your boating experience by adding Marine MXO to your fuel treatment regimen.

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