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DFS Plus Diesel Additive Removes Water from Diesel

DFS PLUS GALLONStored diesel fuels all fight a constant battle with accumulation of water in storage tanks.  Whether above ground or below ground, these tanks are vented to the outside air and experience condensation of water vapor out of the air after even relatively minor temperature changes.  Since water is heavier than diesel fuel, it collects and sinks to the bottom of the storage tank, providing a breeding ground for microbes and a catalyst for fuel-degrading chemical reactions.

Controlling water collection in stored fuels is therefore an important part of any good housekeeping protocol for stored diesel fuel, whether you’re a small time user or a high-volume processor. Bell Performance’s DFS Plus is formulated to attract and remove collected water, absorbing it into the fuel so that it can be combusted.

Water Removal by DFS Plus

When DFS Plus is added to diesel fuel, it chemically attracts to any water it comes across. The active ingredient in DFS Plus functions similarly to a surfactant or a detergent (even though it is neither), grabbing hold of water molecules and chemically “bonding” them into the fuel. The water is then trapped in the fuel, to pass safely through injectors and common rail systems, and into the combustion chamber where it can easily be burned off as steam.

Using DFS Plus in diesel storage tanks reduces the chances of the development of microbial contamination because it removes the essential element that microbes need to grow and thrive in storage tanks (collected water).

Using DFS Plus in vehicle and storage tanks also reduces water collection in the diesel engine fuel tank, keeping injectors healthy by removing the condensed water formed from hot fuel return.


Ethanol and Water DFS Plus added. No water! 

                                 Ethanol + water                                                             DFS Plus added. No water!

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