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Bell Performance Fixes Home Heating Oil Problems

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Like cars and trucks, oil-fired home heating systems require regular maintenance to function at their best and minimize fuel-related performance problems. Those of us who remember watching A Christmas Story can remember Ralphie’s dad’s heated battles with their furnace system in northern Indiana. If they had known about ATX-942 and its wonderful treating effects on oil-fired furnace heating systems, the movie might have been a little bit different.


Home heating systems face problems both during normal operation and in start-up and shut-down before and after the winter usage period. ATX-942 multi-function combination of combustion improvers, carbon & deposit treater, surfactants and water removers are formulated to address and treat fuel oil problems for the best possible system performance at all of these times – knocking out sludge buildup, carbon formation, tube plugging and other traditional nuisances.

ATX knocks out home heating oil sludge

Sludge buildup is inherent to the properties of heating fuel oil, which is not as pure as the lighter refined product of gasoline and diesel. Left sitting in storage tanks, fuel oil can produce sludge that settles in the bottom of storage tanks and in fuel lines. Both of which result in excessive smoking of the system, especially during start-up after the long summer’s rest. The sludge doesn’t burn as easily and completely as pure fuel oil and the homeowner ends up with black soot coming out of his system.

ATX-942’s surfactant package actually makes the sludge soluble and draws it into the fuel oil wherevever it exists in the oil delivery system. Used over a heating season, the heating oil becomes markedly cleaner in all areas. Adding ATX-942 to the heating system as shutting down for the spring and summer also keeps sludge buildup to a minimum and makes the system easier to start and get going when the cold weather comes back around later in the year.

ATX-942 boosts performance & protects heating systems

Heating system efficiency is tied to how much of the heating oil’s potential energy is converted (through combustion) to heat which can heat the house. Heavy carbon coking and deposits from fuel oil are a fact of life, building up from the presence of certain metals in the heating oil like sodium, aluminum, vanadium and calcium. Some of these deposits can also contribute to expensive corrosion problems. ATX-942 saves system owners money by targeting those causes that raise fuel consumption while reducing corrosion and tube plugging, through the changing of deposits to more friable, powdery forms that are removed more easily by the system. A home heating system that uses ATX-942 is cleaner, healthier and more efficient.

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