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The Dee-Zol Family of Diesel Additives

Improve Your Diesel Fuel - Treat it with Dee-Zol

Like its sister product for gasoline Mix-I-Go, DEE-ZOL has been providing value and solving problems for customers for decades. First developed in 1957, DEE-ZOL is the most complete high-quality diesel treatment in the marketplace today.

Whatever kind of diesel engine or vehicle you're treating, the DEE-ZOL family of diesel fuel treatments has a solution that's right for you.

How Dee-Zol Stacks Up To The Competition

It's easy to see why DEE-ZOL is the best diesel fuel treatment on the market today.

comparison of diesel additives


Dee-Zol Concentrate

The original formula, first formulated by Robert J. Bell in 1954. As diesel engines have advanced, so has the Dee-Zol formula, keeping it still the most effective multi-function diesel treatment available.  It still solves most common diesel fuel issues, with a  concentrate formula (1 oz treats 10 gallons) to provide great value.
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Dee-Zol Plus with Anti-Gel Winter Diesel Additive

Dee-Zol plus

Provides all the great benefits of Dee-Zol, with cold flow improver added to the formula, for extra protection against diesel fuel gelling in cold weather.

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Marine Dee-Zol

Even more concentrated than regular Dee-Zol, Marine Dee-Zol packs commercial-grade detergency and water control into a formula that solves marine diesel issues at just one ounce to eighteen gallons.
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Dee-Zol Life Diesel Stabilizer

Dee-Zol Life

Diesel fuel stabilizer and anti-oxidant that preserves stored diesel fuel quality.
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