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Bio Dee-Zol Plus - All-Purpose Winter Biodiesel Treatment

Not only do biodiesel users want better mileage, cleaner engines and more performance, they also want solutions to the cold weather problems that biodiesel fuels have - gelling at temperatures singificantly higher than normal diesel fuel.  BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS is formulated to meet these demands.

BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS combines our same unique blend of combustion improver, cetane improver, water eliminator, dispersant, stabilizer, and detergents found in BIO DEE-ZOL fuel treatment, but also with bio-specific cold flow protectants to address the most common problems seen with biodiesel blends used in winter environments.  

Users of BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS can expect:

  • Better mileage and horsepower
  • Higher fuel cetane number for better performance
  • Improved biodiesel cold weather handling
  • Cleaner injector and combustion chambers
  • Reduced pollutants and smoke
  • Water control
  • More stable biodiesel blends in storage

BIO DEE-ZOL PLUS can be used with every tank of biodiesel blend fuel, to help you get the most out of them.

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