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ATP-By-Filtration is the most advanced microbial testing method in the marketplace, using the measurement of ATP - the energy transport molecule present in all living cells (including microbes) - to give the most accurate and sensitive indication of the level of microbial contamination in fuel and water samples. At the heart of the method is the FP Luminometer Equipment Set.


The principle is simple but the technology is advanced. Fuel or water samples are prepared using specialized ATP-By-Filtration reagents. The prepared sample is then combined with a test enzyme and inserted into the FP Luminometer. The enzyme reacts with the sample’s ATP content to produce bioluminescent light, which is then read by the FP Luminometer. The amount of light produced directly indicates the amount of microbial ATP in the sample, which directly correlates with the total amount of microbial content present in the sample.

The Luminometer is the key piece of equipment necessary to make the ATP-By-Filtration function successfully. The Luminometer comes in an equipment set complete with a connection module (for calculating and delivering the results reading), micropipetters (for use in the test method), durable plastic test tube holders, and a cleaning kit.


The ATP-By-Filtration test method delivers at least three huge advantages over other kinds of in-field microbial testing:

  1. The test itself only takes about 5-10 minutes to do. This allows for real time decisions, a big plus for the aviation industry where decisions may need to be made on how to service planes or whether a plane’s fuel is satisfactory or not.
  2. The test results are full quantitative - they don’t rely on ranges or pass-fails for their results. 
  3. It detects all microbes present in the sample, without relying on the vagaries of re-growing microbial populations (as with culture tests).


Get started with ATP-By-Filtration by ordering an FP Luminometer Equipment Set.