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ATX-942 Home Heating Oil Additive

ATX-942 is Bell Performance's multi-purpose treatment for home heating oil. ATX-942 is highly concentrated, with a treat rate of 1:1920, for the economical treatment of heating systems. ATX-942 contains moisture eliminator, detergents and oil-soluble combustion catalysts to maximize heat release and combustion efficiency of heating oil-burning systems.

ATX-942 for Home Heating Oil - Cleaner Burning and Less Moisture

ATX-942 was developed to promote greater cleanliness in home heating fuel storage and combustion systems. Treating home heating fuel with ATX-942 keeps the oil clean, stable and free from condensation, especially during summer weather. It breaks down sludge-forming compounds, enabling them to be combusted during system use, thus improving heating system performance. Gums, varnish, sludge, carbon and other foreign-materials are removed from the fuel system and from burner surfaces, returning the oil-burning system to it's optimally efficient state.

The moisture eliminator in ATX-942 reduces the surface tension of water accumulated in the system through condensation, allowing it to pass through the system with the atomization of the fuel oil at the burner nozzle. Water is safely eliminated with no problems.

ATX-942 reduces air pollution by minimizing the discharge of unburned hydrocarbons.

Improved Combustion and System Efficiency 

ATX-942's oil-soluble combustion catalyst raises combustion efficiency of heating oil fuel and reduces unburned hydrocarbon pollution resulting from incompletely or inefficiently burned fuel oil. At the same time, ATX-942's surfactant & detergent package provides a more uniform flow of fuel oil to the burner for the best possible combustion. ATX-942 keeps furnace systems cleaner, reducing maintenance and cleaning time.

ATX for Power Generation

The ATX family of multi-function treatments have been used by the power generation industry for more than 50 years. Bell Performance's ATX oil additives improve heat generation and furnace efficiency for heavy fuel oil-burning system and reduce slag deposition and cold-end corrosion. All of this means greater efficiency, less downtime and maintenance, and monetary savings for the customer.

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