The Mix-I-Go and Ethanol Defense Product Family

In 2013, The Auto Makers Told Us That E15 Use Voids Our Warranties. Solve Ethanol Problems and Improve Your Gasoline - Treat Them with Mix-I-Go or Ethanol Defense.

It's even more important than ever before to treat E10 and E15 ethanol-blend fuels with a quality fuel additive. Given that car makers like Ford, Honda and Nissan have informed the marketplace that they're not going to cover fuel-related damages if the driver uses E15.

So what's a consumer to do? Since it's nearly impossibe to find ethanol-free gas, the only other option is to prevent problems with the best fuel treatments for ethanol on the market today.

So what’s in a name? The name MIX-I-GO is the father of the automobile fuel additive industry in the United States and has come to mean quality and commercial-grade performance for everyone who uses it, whether Sunday driver or commercial fleets running on ethanol.

Today, there is a MIX-I-GO formulation for whatever you need to treat. MIX-I-GO can be used in any kind of gasoline-powered engine, and are especially suitable for engines and vehicles burning any of the ethanol blends in the marketplace today. If you want the best all-purpose gasoline fuel additives for regular use in most applications, MIX-I-GO is the one for you! MIX-I-GO is available in a range of products specific to your needs.

And what's in the ETHANOL DEFENSE name? Only the best multi-function ethanol treatment combined with the best commercial-grade water controller and absorbers on the market today.


Mix-I-Go Concentrate

The flagship formulation, first formulated in 1927 but long since improved, offering tremendous value for every consumer who uses it. Just one ounce treats 10 gallons of fuel, meaning a 16 oz or 32 oz bottle can treat 10-20 tanks of fuel, depending on the size of your fuel tank.


The marine version of the Mix-I-Go formulation, with even more water-controllers and detergents for boaters and water enthusiasts who need commercial-grade treatment for their marine gasoline and ethanol fuels.


The newest Mix-I-Go version, introduced in 2010 in response to consumers looking for powerful protection against ethanol damage for their expensive small engine equipment. It's treat rate is ideal for consumers needing to treat small engine gas tanks - one ounce treats 2 gallons of fuel.


Offers all of the benefits that MIX-I-GO CONCENTRATE offers, but in a convenient 12 oz. one-dose bottle formulated to treat one full tank of gas/ethanol in most vehicles.


In 2012, Bell Performance introduced ETHANOL DEFENSE, the next Ethanol Defense generation of the most powerful ethanol treatment in the market. Ethanol Defense combines the proven benefits of better mileage, performance, cleaner engines, and protection against ethanol damage that Bell products have been known for for decade. But in addition, Ethanol Defense knocks out ethanol water problems with five times the water-fighting power and protection.