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Oil Analysis Results with X-tra Lube OIl Treatment

X-TRA LUBE oil treatment with MBL Complex provides superior protection and oil-supplementing power for the cars, light trucks, and heavy fleets that use them.

Fleets that utilize oil analysis in their maintenance protocols will find abnormal test readings if they use either of these products. However, if you know what to expect you can interpret these readings correctly.

Typical Elevated Metals in Oil Analysis

Elevated levels of certain metals detected in an oil analysis normally indicate wear problems in the engine.  Excess iron and aluminum indicates wear of cylinders, pistons and linings.  Copper, lead, tin, and (in some engines) silver can indicate wear on crucial engine bearings, bushings, and valve guides. 

Acceptable baseline levels of these metals will range from less than 100ppm for lead, under 50ppm for copper, under 30ppm for tin, and under 5ppm for silver.

Are Some Elevated Metals Normal For An Oil Analysis with X-tra Lube or Truckers Best?

Because X-TRA LUBE  contains super-lubricating copper and lead particles, they will cause an oil analysis to show elevated levels of these two metals, typically at levels of 300-400 ppm

The analysis report may warn of excessive bearing wear due to the high readings. However, these elevated levels do not necessarily mean there actually is excessive bearing wear. 

The key indicator to look for is Tin and Silver, for some engines. X-TRA LUBE does not  contain either of these two metals.  If the tin and silver levels remain normal, there is no cause for concern with regards to excess bearing wear, even if the oil analysis shows high Copper and/or Lead readings.

The Importance of Baseline Readings

Fleets that keep historical records of oil analysis for their vehicles will have a very good picture of normal and abnormal spikes in the readings of these wear metals.

Since each engine is different, it is helpful to take multiple oil analyses over time while using X-TRA LUBE  products, to establish a baseline. 

Therefore, when adding these for the first time, don’t be concerned about elevated copper and lead levels, especially if the tin is in the normal range for the engine.  It will take 3 to 4 analyses with X-TRA LUBE to re-establish the new trend line for copper and lead.

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