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New Products For Biodiesel and Tank Sludge From Bell Performance

Use of biodiesel blends continues to be on the rise and users are demanding answers to the problems that biodiesel brings – less mileage, shorter fuel storage life, greater susceptibility to microbial growth and water buildup, and aggravated cold weather gelling at temperatures higher than normal diesel.

Biodiesel users know these are costly issues. You may be a fleet operator or trucker who runs B5 blends mandated by local or state governments. Or you might have a diesel generator or emergency backup system that uses stored biodiesel. Whoever you are, you need effective solutions to these biodiesel problems that help you get back to work and come through for whoever is depending upon you.

Bell Performance introduces 5 new product formulations to help – four bio-specific fuel treatments along with a new industrial-strength sludge treatment for stored bio and regular diesel fuels.  These new treatments from Bell Performance give you everything you need to kiss expensive biodiesel problems goodbye.


Bio Dee-Zol

Our newest all-purpose treatment for biodiesel blends with combustion improvers and detergents for better mileage, added cetane for better performance, water controllers and bio-specific stabilizers. Everything you need in one concentrated multi-function formulation.
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Bio Dee-Zol Plus

Combines everything from our new BIO DEE-ZOL formulation with added bio-specific cold weather protectant, to improve biodiesel performance in cold weather.
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Bio Dee-Zol Life

Concentrated bio-specific stability treatment for stored biodiesel fuels to protect biodiesel fuel quality in storage and enhance their resistance to the effects of air, water, light and other enemies of fuel quality.
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Bio Cold Flow Improver

Concentrated cold flow improver for biodiesel blends to improve their performance and resistance to gelling in cold weather environments.  Ideal for bulk stored biodiesel treatment.
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Bell Tank Treatment SDF

Our new commercial-grade sludge buster and biomass breakup treatment for both regular diesel and stored biodiesel that cleans fuel storage tanks of accumulated fuel sludge, protects them against water and corrosion, and even helps biocides work more effectively by breaking up biomass deposits in fuel storage tanks.
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