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Mix-I-Go Small Engine Formula - The Best Protection for Small Engine Against Ethanol Damage

Ethanol blends like E10 (10% ethanol) and E15 (15% ethanol) wreak havoc on small engines, especially 2-cycle engines.

Unprepared consumers this past year found themselves with lawn mowers, yard equipment, ATVs and other small engine equipment that had leaky fuel lines, bad seals, and excess polymer deposits caused by ethanol eating away at their expensive equipment.

What's more, 2-cycle engine equipment users have found that ethanol blends draw water in the fuel, preventing the essential fuel-dissolved oil from delivered needed lubrication to critical metal parts that rely on the fuel-oil mixture for lubrication and proper functioning. This leads to equipment damage and small engine failure from lack of essential lubrication. Small engines need MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA!

Product Overview: 

Ethanol-blend fuel will slowly destroy small engine components and ruin performance. MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA is specially formulated for both two- and four-cycle engines, solving ethanol-related problems in gasoline engines for small equipment like riding and push lawn mowers, lawn edgers, chain saws, leaf blowers, stand-alone generators and other types of small gasoline-powered equipment.

Product Details:

Ethanol-blended fuels increase fuel consumption and slowly destroy small engines through the dissolving of rubber components and the attraction of water into the fuel (which wreaks havoc with 2-cycle engine lubrication). Dissolved rubber and plastic resins build up as deposits in critical areas, robbing the engine of performance and raising harmful emissions.

MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA is a balanced compound of ashless organic materials in a pure hydrocarbon solvent. It solves all of the most common problems seen with use of ethanol fuels in small engine.


  • Reduce fuel consumption and restore lost performance
  • Protect critical parts from ethanol solvency 
  • Improve ease of startup and reduce smoking
  • Remove carbon, varnish and gum deposits
  • Clean fuel injectors, carburetors and throttle bodies
  • Control excessive water build-up to prevent interference with essential fuel lubrication
  • Stabilize ethanol fuels and keep them fresh
  • Reduce harmful emissions
  • Prolong engine life

Treat Ratio: 1 oz. for every 2 gallons of ethanol or gasoline fuel. One 8 oz. bottle treats 16 gallons.

Protect your valuable small equipment investments from ethanol damage with MIX-I-GO SMALL ENGINE FORMULA!

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