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Lube Pro - Diesel Fuel Lubricity Treatment

When the EPA mandated the severe reduction of sulfur levels in on-road diesel fuel in 2006 (from 500 parts down to just 15 parts per million), diesel engine mechanics and professionals foresaw the potential damage such a move would on expensive diesel engines.

Diesel injectors operate at extremely high pressures and they, along with fuel pumps and other parts of the diesel fuel delivery system, rely on the diesel fuel to help lubricate expensive moving parts

Without sufficient lubrication from the fuel, injectors and fuel pumps will wear and break down, with expensive repairs to follow.  These professionals recognized that this “ultra-low sulfur diesel” fuel would not provide the same kind of lubrication before, because of the loss of sulfur and other associated fuel components that normally would provide the needed lubrication.

As always, Bell Performance saw the need in the marketplace and responded with solutions.  Lube Pro, Bell’s industrial-strength solution for fuel lubricity problems, protects expensive diesel fuel injectors and fuel pumps with powerful lubricating ingredients at a cost-effective price. 

Treating ultra-low diesel fuel with Lube Pro will raise the diesel fuel’s lubricity specification to meet or exceed both ASTM and EMA (Engine Manufacturers Association) standards for diesel fuel lubricity.

Protect your expensive diesel engine components with Bell Performance Lube Pro!


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