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Meeting the Challenges of Fuel Distribution and Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic and other market conditions have created a record fuel surplus that has resulted in plummeting prices at the pump, customers stockpiling fuel inventory and thinner than ever profit margins for fuel distributors like you.   

Are you solving these problems for your company & customers?

  • Record low fuel prices = Razor-thin profit margins 
  • Due to stockpiling, customers that store fuels are at greater risk than ever to breakdown and contamination of their fuel systems

We’re excited to work with our fuel distributor partners to create a turnkey fuel treatment program that:

  1. Solves your customer’s fuel storage problems & ensures equipment operation
  2. Creates a high margin (100%) new revenue channel  
  3. Establishes value and ROI for your customers
  4. Differentiates your company from the competition

Pre-treated fuels are a solution-based offer to remedy troubles that lie ahead for customers stockpiling and storing fuel long-term.  Chemical fuel treatment provides the benefit of fuel insurance for your customers at a very attractive price.

A 1,000 gallon sale of diesel fuel will increase profit margin between $0.02 -$0.04 per gallon with just a $50-$100 sales price increase to your customer.

Program and special pricing allows for up to a 50% discount on product suite through 5/31/20

Super-serve your customers, increase profitability & stand out from the competition with Bell Performance!

Available Product Suite:

Speak to a Bell FTS expert to learn more about our turnkey fuel insurance program.

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