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The Best of the Bell Blog for April and May

Posted by: Erik Bjornstad

Award_ribbon_blue_1stDid you know that the ethanol mandate actually costs fast food chains like White Castle more than $15,000 a year per store? Do you know the two most important things to do to get your boat ready for summer boating after Memorial Day? Or that the sister company to Tesla Electric Cars is the only entity other than the US, China and Russia to launch a rocket into space and get it back safely?

It's time for another edition of the Best of the Blog wrap-up from Bell Performance. Every so often, we liked to compile the best and most poplar articles from both of the Bell Performance blogs.  And with 26 blog articles published during April and May just on our Consumer blog, there's a lot of good stuff to check out.  In case you missed any of these, here are some of the best articles of interest for you from the past couple of months!

Do you know Elon Musk? - The innovative founder of Tesla Motors is a great American success story. And the cars are awesome, too.

Ethanol Doesn't Just Cost You At The Pump - A business owner tells us how much money ethanol gas really costs all of us. It's more than you think.

Boat Safety Tips from the Coast Guard - The best list of recommendations from the U.S. Coast Guard on getting your boat ready and safe this boating season.

RIP William Clay Ford - The grandson of Henry Ford, who changed the landscape of America through the Ford Motor Company and his car, the Mark II.

Top 5 Facts About Diesel Fuel Additives - The things you never knew you didn't know.

Obama's Agriculture Act Hurts E15 Fuel - Bad news for the ethanol industry. The new Agriculture Act passed earlier this year takes away critical funding. A victory for drivers?

How to Tell if Ethanol is Damaging Your Vehicle - Ethanol gas is bad for engines. Key signs your vehicle may be in trouble.

Look Before You Pump - You know it's illegal to use E15 in a lawn mower, right? The campaign by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute to make sure consumers don't put E15 in their lawn equipment and small engines.


This post was published on May 30, 2014 and was updated on May 30, 2014.

Topics: Diesel, Ethanol, Boats and Marine