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Bell Performance looks toward 2012

Posted by: Bell Performance

And so the year 2012 kicks off.  Looking back on the year past, we can all agree it will go down in history as a memorable one, for better or worse. And we can all hope that 2012 will be better. Provided the Mayans weren't right and the world is going to end in 2012 anyway.

What can you expect from Bell Performance in the coming year?

More great information here on the Bell Performance blog, for one thing.  Last year was the first full year for the blog and over 5,000 people visited the blog for information. Now, it's one thing for a business to go out proclaiming that they want more people to read their blog or log on to their site. But that's only matters if they've got something interesting or useful to say. 

That's part of the point of what we do at Bell. We always want to offer you something of value, to give you a reason to visit us, a reason to check out our blog and its content.

That's the reason Bell Performance has its information and education web portal www.WeFixFuel.com. One of the goals for the coming year is to keep expanding what's available there, to offer you more and more value, all free for your choosing.

Whatever topic is most important to you - getting better gas mileage, preventing ethanol damage, cutting down on black smoke, or even something more off the wall like finding out where you can buy ethanol-free gas, the Bell Performance blog and www.WeFixFuel.com will be even better resources in 2012 than they were last year.  That's the plan.

If you 'like' Bell Performance on Facebook, there might be something in it for you

Another big priority for Bell in the coming year will be to expand our research through the social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Bell has individual company pages for all of these sites, as we aim to better connect with you.  On every email and communication we do, and on every web page, there are convenient links to make it easier for you to connect with us at those sites.

The old avenues of simply writing things for people to read doesn't work as well any more, if your goal is to reach out to as many people as possible.  Youtube is now the second most-searched "search engine" on the internet.  People looking for information now use Youtube to find what they need.  This shouldn't be surprising, since more and more people have developed into visual learners. 

Every blog article published now has a video blog listed on the Bell Performance Youtube channel.  With more to come.

Bell Performance also has a Facebook page, and the rumor is that if you go there and 'Like' Bell Performance, you'll get a special goodie from Bell as our way of saying thanks.

This post was published on January 4, 2012 and was updated on November 19, 2013.