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Year In Review: Best of the Blog, Part II

Posted by: Bell Performance

Welcome to the final blog of 2011! 2011 was a great year of informative articles at the Bell Performance blog. Last year we had over 5,000 visitors to the blog, reading about the topics that mattered to them - when to change your oil, how to maximize your gas mileage, why gas prices go up or down.

So we finish out the year with five more of the best blog articles from the past year, including the winner for the most popular blog post in 2011.

The Best & Most Popular Blog Topics in 2011 (Part II)

Small Gas Engine Problems Caused by Ethanol -The Bell blog warned in January about impending problems that ethanol would cause in small, 2-cycle engines, especially with the impending switch in 2011 to 15% ethanol.

What You May Not Know About Ethanol & Computerized Engine Control Systems - Most consumers take their car computers for granted and don't know about how ethanol can interact with computer readings and how that affects their gas mileage.

Is Synthetic Oil Worth It? - One of the Bell Performance Healthy Oil Series blogs, what makes synthetic oil good and is it really worth the extra expense?

How Often Should I Change My Oil? - The Healthy Oil Series examined this question, which gets different answers from different people.

And the winner of the most popular blog post in 2011 is......

Microbial Infestation of Fuel Tanks? Use a Fuel Cleaner for Bacteria - Big surprise, the most popular blog of the year wasn't about ethanol or gas mileage or changing your oil. It was about what happens when bacteria grow in fuel storage tanks and, more importantly, how to get rid of them.

Thanks for visiting the Bell Performance blog and we look forward to more great blog articles in the coming year!

This post was published on December 29, 2011 and was updated on November 19, 2013.