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Year In Review: Best of the Blog for 2011, Part I

Posted by: Bell Performance

2011 was a great year of informative articles at the Bell Performance blog. Last year we had over 5,000 visitors to the blog, reading about the topics that mattered to them - when to change your oil, how to maximize your gas mileage, why gas prices go up or down.

With the new year looming at the end of the week, here are five of the best and most popular blog articles from the past year.  We will finish out the year later in the week with a final installment, including the winner for the most popular blog article in 2011 on the Bell Performance blog.

The Best & Most Popular Blog Topics in 2011 (Part I)

Car Care Tips for Better Gas Mileage - Coinciding with National Car Care Month in April, we discussed easy maintenance and car care tips to get better gas mileage for your car and truck.

Healthy Oil Series: Combating and Removing Engine Sludge - October saw Bell Performance's Healthy Oil Series kick off by discussing problem of "engine sludge" - what is it, how is it made, how can you get rid of it or prevent it from forming (and should you even worry about it?)

Fuel Mileage Dropping? Blame Winter Blend Gasoline - Ok, we cheated a little bit, as this one was posted in December of 2010. But it proved to be one of the most popular blogs in the past 13 months - a discussion of how refineries make different blends of gas in the winter and why that makes your gas mileage drop.

Are Anti-Ethanol Treatments Worth It? - Columnist Stephen Smith published an article in the Orlando Sentinel in September referencing Bell Performance and the question being asked by consumers all over the country - how do anti-ethanol treatments work and are they actually worth spending money on?

How Fast Do Fuel Additives Work? Depends On What You're Using - Not all types of treatments for gas and diesel fuel are supposed to work at the same speed.

Watch out later in the week for the final blog of 2011 - the Year in Review, Part II.

This post was published on December 28, 2011 and was updated on November 19, 2013.