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Back To School: Never Stop Learning-Get Schooled at WeFixFuel.com

Posted by: Bell Performance

August is back to school month for many areas of the country - today is the day for schools in Bell Performance's home of Seminole County, Florida. This big event is preceeded by the annual ritual of parents and grandparents trekking to their favorite retail outlet to stock up on school supplies.

Pretty soon, classrooms will be echoing with the voices of teachers quizzing their students.

“Class, what does 2 +1 equal?”

In Bell’s case, 2 Plus 1 equals the Back To School special being offered in the month of August. Buy 2 of any product, get 1 more of the same product completely free.  This equals big savings for families at the time they need it the most.

Sending kids back to school can be expensive. The average family spends $600 a year on back-to-school items like clothes, books, electronics and other items. Total spending on children in K-12 topped $21 billion in 2010.

How To Save

Financial advisors are telling families that shopping online and buying in bulk are easy ways to ease the financial pain of the back-to-school bill.  You can buy more and more things online today. Everything from home-delivered live Maine lobsters (complete in the pot) to diamond rings on E-bay.

Thus it’s not surprise that Bell Performance offers its market-leading fuel treatment solutions through its web site www.bellperformance.com, with convenient monthly specials available virtually every month.

The BellPerformance.com store offers consumers the chance to purchase bottle and case quantities of the same trusted Bell formulations that have outpaced the market for decades.  The other half of the site, www.WeFixFuel.com is the repository where Bell Performance educates consumers with easy-to-understand information on today’s most pressing issues with fuels and vehicles.

Education For All

Bell Performance is committed to educating consumers about real problems and solutions concerning all things fuels and vehicles – gasoline, diesel, ethanol, biofuels, green issues and energy efficiency.  The kids go back to school this month. But the truth is, we never stop learning in our lives. Bell Performance continues to lead the way in educating consumers.

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This post was published on August 15, 2011 and was updated on October 13, 2014.

Topics: Diesel, Ethanol