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Power Gen 2010 Show Wrapup

Posted by: Bell Performance

Power Gen 2010 in Orlando was a fantastic show for Bell Performance, who took the time to introduce the industry to its full line of treatment products for the power generation industry.  ATX for fuel oil, Coal-Maxx for coal, Dee-Zol and Bellicide for stored diesel fuels – Bell Performance has been serving the power generation industry for half a century.

Bell Performance took the time during the show for a video interview to highlights a couple of its more popular power gen products, both of which offer huge potential for helpful impact in the power generation industry within the coming years.

For fuel oil, Bell Performance has been manufacturing ATX fuel oil treatment since the early 1950s.  Today, ATX is used by Bunker C-fired power plants to solve the most common fuel-related issues these plants tend to face, including keeping the furnace clean of deposits. 

Power plants prefer ATX because it’s a completely soluble formula with no particulates that mixes completely with their fuel oil.

Bell Performance also used the Power Gen 2010 to preview it’s Coal-Maxx treatment product for coal fuels, which should be unveiled to the market this coming year.  Coal is a dirtier fuel than fuel oil or natural gas, and coal-fired plants have even greater problems with respect to maximizing the potential of their fuels for heat rate and power generation.

With this in mind, Bell Performance has been developing Coal-Maxx for a number of years.  Testing in the United States and in the Far East shows a great potential for the Coal-Maxx to solve plant problems such as deposit buildup, post-combustion corrosion and high LOI (unburned carbon) levels which are indicative of poor and incomplete combustion of the coal. 

Coal is the dominant fuel in the United States power generation landscape; Bell Performance anticipates that its Coal-Maxx treatment product has great potential for making a real and positive impact in coal-fired power plants.

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This post was published on January 11, 2011 and was updated on December 6, 2016.