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Bell's Best of the Blog - October

Posted by: Bell Performance

Award_ribbon_blue_1stAt the end of each month, Bell Performance summarizes the best and most popular blog entires from the previous month. Here's what we had going on in October:

Hurricane Sandy One Year Later - Storm states are considering programs to make sure gas problems don't rear their head again like they did after last year's Hurricane Sandy.

Electric Cars: Not as Green as you Think? - Even if they don't get the skyhigh gas mileage they claim, there are other issues with electric cars that may impact how "green" they really are.

Maintaining a Gas Generator: Do this one thing to protect your investment - You spent money to have a generator there when you need it. Make sure you protect it by doing this one thing.

Octane and Mileage: Does low octane hurt your gas mileage? - Save money by buying low-octane regular gas? Maybe, maybe not.

Check Engine Light. Ethanol Gas. Is there a connection? - Bell's ASE certified mechanic tells you how ethanol gas blends can fool your car.

Fuel Gelling Symptoms: 3 Things to Know - A blog for our diesel-using friends. Cold weather is here and fuel gelling problems are around the corner.

As always, if you missed any of these the first time 'round, feel free to check these out at the Bell Blog.

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This post was published on November 6, 2013 and was updated on November 19, 2013.