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Best of the Blog - July

Posted by: Bell Performance

best of the bell performance blogAt the end of each month, we summarize some of the highlights from articles and topics published at the Bell Performance blog. This month, we features some excellent reviews of news items, like the Concerned Citizens protest over E15 in Washington D.C., and some positive shifts in our nation's energy picture.

If you missed any of these, we invite you to check them out:

Motorcycle Owners & Classic Car Enthusiasts Rally Against E15 - news on the big even in late June where thousands of concerned consumers, joined by members of Congress, spoke out in Washington D.C. against E15 gasoline.

North Carolina take Tesla Electric Cars to Court - Tesla is bucking the trend and their competitors in the car market don't like it. If you can't succeed on your own, sue your competition!

The EPA Passes The Buck on E15 Approval - Congress wants answer on why E15 is such a problem. The EPA basically says "we didn't know, it's not our fault"

The Supreme Court Gives Ethanol Makers A Helping Hand - In early July, the Supreme Court shot down a lawsuit seeking to give consumers relief through removing the national requirement to put ethanol in gasoline.

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This post was published on August 1, 2013 and was updated on November 19, 2013.