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Bell's Best of the Blog - April

Posted by: Bell Performance

best of the blogAt the conclusion of each month, Bell Performance presents the best of the Fuel Additives for Better Performance blog - your guide to catching up on the most popular and helpful articles from the last month. April showers bring May flowers, and April posts at the Bell blog brought info on some handy tips for getting your small equipment and toys out of winter storage and ready for spring/summer use. Plus a discussion about why normal cars can't run on E85 ethanol. And did you hear the one about entire communities in Jamaica being blacked out by the power company?   Here's a run down of what you might have missed:

Flex Fuel Conversion - How To Make A Car Go From E15 to E85 - Bell's master mechanic explains what you have to change to make a regular car run on 85% ethanol, and why you can't put that kind of fuel in your regular vehicle.

Fuel Stabilizer for Motorcycles: Keeping Fuel Fresh - You may need to know this if you're going to be running your motorcycle a lot this spring and summer.

Spring lawn mower maintenance: A brief checklist - A few small steps will keep your expensive mower in great shape.

The Best Gas for Small Engines? Just like butter - Fresh Is Best - Do you need special gas for small engines like your lawn mower?

Who's got the power in Jamaica? Widespread outages - Could this happen here in the United States? 

A Mileage Experiment for Ethanol Defense

Sometimes, our customers do their own testing to see if what they're buying is worth it. And sometimes, said customer is an automotive technology professor at a university.

An Ethanol Defense Review: An Automotive Professor's Experiment

If you missed any of these great posts, just follow any of these links to these and other helpful resources available just for you at the Bell blog.

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This post was published on May 1, 2013 and was updated on November 19, 2013.

Topics: Small Equipment and Generators, Ethanol, Motorcycles