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The Top Five: The Best of the Year At The Bell Blog

Posted by: Bell Performance

The most popular blogs of the year (as determined by the most individual reads during 2012) all had a common theme - they all had something to do with ethanol.  Ethanol was big on consumers' minds in 2012 and some of our best blog topics this year covered that topic.

5. Finding Ethanol Free Gas -We posted this at the start of the year to talk about the declining number of place you can get ethanol-free gas.

4. Motorcycle Manufacturer Gets Sued Because of Ethanol Gas - Big new brokes in August when a major motorcycle manufacturer had to reach an out-of-court settlement over being sued by displeased customers because of ethanol damage to their motorcycles.

3. The Best Ethanol Fuel Additive? Depends on who you ask - 2012 saw the market flooded with "ethanol treatments", all claiming to be the latest and greatest. So we did this blog post to give readers some guidelines on how to cut through the talk.

2. Does Premium Gas Have Ethanol In It? - There's a myth that premium gas is superior to regular grade because it doesn't have ethanol in it (and so, by implication, it doesn't have ethanol problems). But that's very far from the truth.

And the winner of the most popular blog post in 2012 is......

describe the image1. Are Anti-Ethanol Treatments Worth It - We wrote this after Bell was featured in an Orlando Sentinel article by Steven Cole Smith, asking the question on everyone's mind: how do anti-ethanol fuel treatments work and are they really worth it?

Thanks for visiting the Bell Performance blog and we look forward to more great blog articles in the coming year!

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This post was published on January 2, 2013 and was updated on November 19, 2013.