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Top Ways To Improve Diesel Power

Posted by: Bell Performance


Everyone wants more power for their engine, whether they're running on ethanol or diesel fuel. Most of the ways to improve diesel power involve mechanical adjustments. And there's always Dee-Zol.

Special Fuel Injectors

fuel injectors to improve diesel powerThere are special fuel injectors made for the diesel trucking enthusiast that claim to be able to increase diesel horsepower by 50-100 hp.  Now we don't know for sure how much of a gain one could get, though it is noted that you may be able to get closer to 100 hp gain if the right mechanical adjustments are made.  These fuel injectors are made with proprietary processes to create the right hole pattern necessary to get the most precise and optimal fuel spray. 

Turbochargers and Exhaust

Diesel enthusiasts love turbochargers, but not many know what they actually do.  A turbocharger is an apparatus that forces more air into the combustion chamber than will normally be able to go into.  Greater airflow means more oxygen available and also better temperature regulation.  You don't have to be a street racer to appreciate what a turbocharger can do for a diesel engine.  People who tow loads know they need more power, but that can also mean excessive engine temperatures. A turbocharger makes it possible to balance one with the other.

Other diesel enthusiasts will resort to tinkering with their post-combustion exhaust system.  The theory is that having a larger exhaust capacity (meaning the engine can expel more exhaust gas volume at any given time), positively affects the temperature in the engine and allows the engine to be modified to take on more horsepower.  It's hard to get really high horsepower if you don't have the ability to regulate the removal of the exhaust fumes that horsepower is going to help make.

Diesel Fuel Additives - Can They Work Miracles?

Bell Performance isn't going to stretch the truth and try to convince you that a diesel fuel additive like Dee-Zol will give you 50 or 100 extra horsepower. That's simply not realistic. Many Dee-Zol users can get 20 extra horsepower, though (based on dyno tests).  This extra benefit comes from the way the combustion improver in Dee-Zol even out the rate of burn or combustion of the diesel fuel in the compression ignition chamber.

Cetane improver is another way you can add more diesel power and performance.  Cetane (the diesel equivalent of octane) can be found in products like Super-Tane, and drivers notice an immediate improvement in the driveability and even the sound of their diesel engine when they add it.  That's because a higher cetane rating in the fuel is one of those things that has an immediate and noticeable effect on how the fuel is burning in the combustion chamber.  The diesel engine runs smoother, gets quieter, and runs with noticeably more power.

So if you don't want to bust out your wrench and slap on a turbocharger or new exhaust system, a diesel fuel additive like Dee-Zol or Super-Tane is a very cost effective alternative for getting more diesel power.

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