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Protect Your Stored Biodiesel - Treat it with Bio Dee-Zol Life

If you run bio-diesel blends like B5 or B20, you may not know they are more prone to quality issues with respect to fuel breakdown.  The majority of quality and performance issues experienced with biodiesel, provided it’s properly made and in-spec, can be traced back to oxidation and exposure to both air and water.  These and other environmental factors shorten the storage life of biodiesel blends and make them more prone to costly problems like poor fuel quality and excessive engine deposits.

Bell Performance developed Bio Dee-Zol Life to give biodiesel users a way to store biodiesel fuels without worrying about whether it will work properly in the future when they need it. People and companies that store fuel know that preserving fuel quality protects both the financial investment (who likes paying $3+ per gallon for biodiesel?) and the engines that use the fuel.
Bio Dee-Zol Life’s concentrated formula (1 gallon treats 1,500 gallons of biodiesel blend) stops the harmful chemical reactions that are initiated as the fuel gets exposed to air and water and other oxidizers.  All fuel gets exposed to these factors at some point through the distribution and storage system.
In addition, Bio Dee-Zol Life  controls the water which inevitably condenses and builds up in biodiesel storage tanks.  Water buildup is harmful because it not only accelerates biodiesel breakdown but invites harmful microbes to grow and thrive in your tank.  And when this happens, they’re nearly impossible to get rid of, short of using an additional biocide to kill them.
Adding Bio Dee-Zol Life  to your biodiesel blend is the best way to preserve its quality and keep it in peak condition for when you need it most. 

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