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Improve your Biodiesel- Treat it with Bio Dee-Zol

Use of biodiesel blends continues to be on the rise and users are demanding answers to the problems that biodiesel brings – lower mileage, shorter fuel storage life, greater susceptibility to microbial growth and water buildup, and aggravated cold weather gelling at temperatures higher than normal diesel.

Introducing our newest all-purpose treatment optimized specially for biodiesel blends - BIO DEE-ZOL.

BIO DEE-ZOL is formulated to give you everything you need in an all-purpose fuel treatment for biodiesel.  It combines our unique blend of combustion improver, cetane improver, water eliminator, dispersant, stabilizer, and detergents to knock out most common problems seen with biodiesel blends. 

  If you use BIO DEE-ZOL, you can expect:

  • Improved mileage and horsepower
  • Higher fuel cetane number for better performance
  • Cleaner injectors and combustion chambers
  • Less pollutants and smoke
  • Commercial-grade water control
  • Better biodiesel blend stability

BIO DEE-ZOL can be used with every tank of biodiesel blends to help you get the most out of them.

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