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Ethanol Defense RB

High Performance Multifunctional Additive for all Ethanol-Blended Gasoline

From E-10 to E-85, Bell Performance Ethanol Defense RB provides superior protection for engine and fuel system components from the accelerated decomposition caused by the corrosive effects of ethanol-blended fuel. 

  • Provides a protective shield for fuel system components preventing ethanol-related decomposition and failure
  • Provides superior water absorption and water suspension characteristics and reduces phase-separation in vehicle fuel tanks. 
  • Removes cylinder deposits and keeps O2 Sensors, EGR valves and Fuel Injectors clean maximizing vehicle mileage and performance while reducing harmful exhaust emissions
  • Restores power loss resulting for low BTU value ethanol
  • Low per barrel treat-cost allows fuel distributors a cost-effective solution to their customer’s ethanol-related issues while providing significant return on investment (ROI) at nominal additive up-charge.

What Customers Are Saying About Ethanol Defense

ethanol defense"Good information about the product, & how it works. (and it really does work). l have seen an incredible increase in performance, & gas milage (sic) within my first use!"

"Product really does work. I am feeling a change in smooth acceleration/smooth idle, also gas mileage. I will buy the product again. I also recommend others to use this product."


Product Treatment Information

Download Ethanol Defense RB product data sheet

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