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Bellicide Biocide Solution for Terminals & Refineries

Distributors and bulk users of diesel fuels contend with microbial infestation problems that require treatment.  The prevention and elimination of these microbial fuel contaminants is essential to the downstream health of the fuel, their storage systems and the equipment of the downstream users who rely on their fuel suppliers' housekeeping systems for problem-free distribution.

As part of its portfolio of bulk downstream fuel treatments, Bell Performance offers Bellicide - a concentrated microbicide/fungicide/biocide that addresses the needs of large-scale fuel users who want to maintain the health of their fuel storage facilities.

Bellicide kills quickly and efficiently at competitive treat rates and is soluble in both aqueous and oil phases, maintaining near-100% kill rates for up to 4 weeks.  Bellicide is also highly effective in a broad range of other liquid applications, such as drilling fluids. 

Bellicide is the reliable and problem-preventing secret weapon in the fuel supplier's arsenal.

Treatment Information

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