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Quality Fuel Additive Solutions for Refineries, Fuel Oil Terminals, Pipelines and Biodiesel Producers

Considering that Bell Performance, Inc. formulated the world’s very 1st fuel additive in 1909, it’s easy to imagine how our full-line of high performance refinery and fuel terminal additives have found a prominent place in today’s downstream fuel additives market.

From the LUBE PRO RB series of lubricity improvers, which provide our clients with a choice between fully-synthetic or neutralized-acid based additives with conductivity improver, to the SUPER-TANE RB 11 2EH-based cetane number improver, and BELLICIDE bulk biocide treatment, Bell Performance delivers our clients not only superior service and logistical support, but an in-depth understanding of their industry and the additive solutions necessary to meet finished fuel quality specifications. DEE-ZOL LIFE RB diesel stabilizer prevents blackening and sludge formation. Bell Performance also offers ETHANOL DEFENSE RB as a multifunction solution for fuel handlers on the ethanol/gasoline side of the picture.

Biodiesel and its associated Bxx blends pose unique treatment problems with respect to both assurance of long-term storage stability and maintenance of satisfactory cold weather handling.  Bell Performance offers effective biodiesel fuel preservation solutions to solve these most common and problematic characteristics of biodiesel fuels. Learn more about our BIODIESEL DOWNSTREAM SOLUTIONS.

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