Quick Thaw - Emergency Rescue for Gelled Diesel Fuel

Gelled or frozen diesel fuel can spell big trouble in the wintertime.  This trouble multiplies when the fuel gels while the truck is out on the road.

Truckers know that even small temperature shifts as little as 7 degrees F can turn a flowable diesel fuel into a gelled fuel, plugging up fuel filters and rendering the truck inoperable.  The expenses to get the truck back on the road (towing, garage time), not to mention potential business loss, can easily accrue into the thousands.

Keeping one quart of QUICK THAW on-board will save the trucker all this expense and more by thawing frozen fuel lines and gelled diesel fuel.

When used according to directions, QUICK THAW will completely thaw and restore the entire fuel system in about 20 minutes. The truck gets back on the road and cargo gets delivered on time. All because a quart of QUICK THAW was available at the time of need.

QUICK THAW contains no harmful alcohols and is safe to use with any engine components and emissions control equipment, including particulate traps and DEF systems.


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